A Time Management App for Everyone

The 1st mobile app to incorporate the most powerful time management principles so you can be more productive and stress-free. Some apps organize to-dos and others track time. Must Do Today (MDT) is the only app that does both – simply and intuitively.

In a few minutes, you will learn the MDT system in a nutshell, inspired by famous giants of productivity. The system is based on the following three guiding principles and the app also includes a free embedded e-Book that explains the MDT system in full detail:


Throughout World War II, WINSTON CHURCHILL affixed red stickers on memos to his staff demanding immediate attention to his staff: “ACTION THIS DAY”

Ask this fundamental question:

“What are the tasks that I absolutely must do today?”

These are not the tasks you would like to do. Those often represent the things you prefer to work on, but which are not necessarily what is most critical or important at that moment.
Follow the Rule of Five. Select up to five important or urgent tasks that absolutely must be done before the end of the day. Add more tasks when those are completed.


Ivy Lee one of the founders of modern public relations, worked for the Bethlehem Steel Corporation.

He was renowned for his advice to managers to list and number their top priorities every day, and work on tasks in the order of their importance and not proceeding until a task was completed. CHARLES M. SCHWAB, allegedly paid Lee $25,000, saying it had been the most profitable advice Schwab had ever received.


Parkinson’s Law is the adage first articulated by CYRIL NORTHCOTE PARKINSON published in The Economist in 1955: “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”

Time pressure forces you to complete a task in the time allowed. If you give yourself an hour to complete a thirty-minute task, then time will expand to fill that hour.

Set a deadline for each task and work until it is finished; giving yourself an allotted time to complete a task means higher success in meeting goals.

How does the Must Do Today System follow these great minds?

#1 Make a Task List. Empty your mind of all tasks that you need to do at work and your personal life and create a Task List in the app.

#2 Follow the Rule of Five. At the end of each day or early the next morning, select 5 tasks that you must do that day and put them on your Must Do Today list. Add five more when you cross off those tasks from the app’s Must Do Today screen.

#3 Prioritize your Must Dos. Organize your Must Do tasks from #1 to #5 on the Must Do Today screen. When you move a task in edit mode with your finger higher or lower, the app automatically re-numbers all your tasks in priority.

#4 Be mindful of Parkinson’s Law. Quickly estimate the time needed to complete each task. The app displays the estimated time and then tracks your actual time. View your productivity stats on the main screen throughout your day.

#5 Monitor productivity. At the end of the day, receive an email summary of what you accomplished with your day’s time stats. Use this to keep task notes or bill customers for your time.

Setting up Must Do Today takes just 5 minutes of your time. What better use of that time is there?

Must Do Today has a host of other productivity features, including:

  • Weekly and monthly planner to schedule ahead;
  • Delegation tracker to list tasks that have been delegated to others for completion with deadlines and email follow-ups;
  • Due dates and reminders for extended tasks;
  • Sorting of tasks by alphabet, Due Date, Priority or Work/Personal;
  • Mobile Calendar access for advanced scheduling;
  • Ability to include file or customer tracking numbers and work notes and descriptions
  • Auto-reminder to prompt daily set up of Must Do Today
  • Detailed app instructions and step-by-step guide